What is Consciousness?

The Awareness That You Are is What is Consciousness

Consciousness is one of the most profound mysteries known to humankind. Philosophers, scientists, and mystics have contemplated the nature of subjective experience and awareness for millennia. As the American religious scholar Huston Smith observed, realizing that consciousness is the ground of being from which all appearances arise can free us from restrictive worldviews. Whether imposed by institutional dogmas or scientific materialism, these incomplete maps of reality cannot encompass the full depth of mind and spirit. To glimpse consciousness as the intrinsic thread connecting all that appears is to discover a newfound sense of wholeness and interconnection. As we explore the enigma of consciousness, we come closer to understanding who we are and how we experience this remarkable universe.

Recognizing the Ever-Present Conscious Field That Permeates Existence

Consciousness is the capacity for sentience – to have experiences through the senses, think thoughts, and be self-aware.

From a spiritual view, consciousness transcends yet includes our individual awareness. It is the fundamental ground of Being permeating everything.

Simply noticing the effortless consciousness here now points the way to expansion beyond perceived limitations.

“To realize consciousness as the immanent common ground of all apparitions is a liberating insight that shakes the believer out of fetters imposed by religious or secular dogmas.” – Huston Smith

  • Tune into the energy field, allowing sights, sounds, and sensations to appear – the effortless consciousness illuminating each.
  • Notice thoughts and emotions arise from and dissolve back into the conscious space holding them, like waves in the ocean.
  • Even in deep sleep, consciousness prevails as the backdrop for perceiving non-consciousness.

The everyday awareness you call “you” is a doorway to the vast ground of pure consciousness. Looking simply reveals the unlimited nature of consciousness dancing in every particle of existence.

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