Vantage Points: Expand Your Perspective on Perspective

Seeing from Shifting Vantage Points

We each view the world from the limited perspective of our particular vantage points. By broadening our perspective and seeing from different orientations, reality reveals its multidimensional nature. What seems right side up from one angle may be upside down from another, and vice versa. Truth has infinite facets.

  • When everything seems upside down and wrong, try shifting your perspective. From an aligned vantage point, it appears exactly as it should.
  • Embracing vantage points different from our own offers new insights and allows wisdom to emerge.
  • Reality can only be perceived in pieces. By expanding our perspective, the pieces come together to reveal the whole.
vantage points

“A point of view can be a dangerous luxury when substituted for insight and understanding.” – Marshall McLuhan

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  • Developing mindfulness and presence empties our perception of preconceived notions so we can see with fresh eyes.
  • Getting outside the prism of our personal perspective connects us to more expansive realities.
  • The more fluid and multidimensional our seeing becomes, the closer we come to truth.

Seeking out expanded perspectives dissolves assumptions and opens doors to new possibilities. By releasing attachment to any one fixed viewpoint, we gain insights not available from only one angle. Truth reveals itself when we are ready to see.

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