The Unbounded Spirit

Discovering the Limitless Nature of Our Unbounded Spirit

There comes a time when we must look beyond the stories and roles we have created for ourselves, to discover the limitless nature of our unbounded spirit. When we can release the need to define ourselves through our personal histories and worldly identities, we open up to the mystery and vastness of our essential being. We are not merely the composite of our experiences, achievements, relationships, and possessions. An infinite field of awareness, creativity, and love lies at our core. If we can touch into this space of freedom, we uncover the wellspring of our true power – our ability to renew ourselves, heal deep wounds, and embody our highest potential from moment to moment. Though our stories and roles provide a particular structure, this unnameable essence breathes life into all we are and do. When we make friends with this unbounded spirit, the possibilities are endless.

Beyond the Looking-glass of Our Story

We tend to perceive ourselves through the lens of limiting identities and stories. But who we truly are is an unbounded, luminous presence – a spirit that cannot be defined or confined by any concept, role, or achievement. We rediscover our infinite potential when we question our assumed smallness, unexamined beliefs, and ingrained patterns.

  • Notions of inadequacy and restriction originate in the thinking mind. Looking beyond its narratives reveals a more profound truth.
  • We touch our natural state of wholeness by unconditionally accepting rather than resisting the present.
  • No thought, emotion, or experience has the power to disrupt our inner freedom when abiding as the unbounded spirit.
power of now

“You are not IN the universe. You ARE the universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately, you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself.” – Eckhart Tolle

  • Letting go of limiting identities and stories reconnects us to our essential nature – luminous awareness without borders or divisions.
  • We do not have to become the unbounded spirit. We already are it. We need to see through the illusions obscuring this.
  • When we cease identification with the small, separate self, our infinite potential naturally flowers into expression.

Rediscovering ourselves as the unbounded spirit, we recognize the sacredness of all life. No longer confined by imagined limits, our presence effortlessly blesses the world.

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