Quantum Consciousness and the Quantum World

Quantum Consciousness: Reconciling Physics With Presence

Consciousness conceived as an ephemeral side-effect of material processes overlooks the primacy of aware presence within which arises observed subatomic particles dancing with entangled partners faster than blinking eyes register their paradoxical play peeking then hiding again from probing beams bombarding their barely vibratory voids. Find that seer-seen, grasping hand-elusive quanta, measurement-phenomena divide and witness matter’s phantasmic display dissolve into mystery’s transparency. Including presence in our understanding of the quantum world opens our curiosity to the exploration of “quantum consciousness.”

Phenomenal Reality Unfolding Within Observer Space

That immaterial observer effect shows up as a force ghostly orchestrating a weird reality unfolding at Planck length scales through motion and spin while gone when attention directs elsewhere yet demonstrated in the lab again once certain style measurement re-engages awareness field infinitesimally influencing uncertified quantum regime. Consciousness interpenetrates substance-less substances. Sentience inter-permeates world substance. No out-there position exists apart from reciprocal participation of subject/object appearing within the unitive event horizon.  

“Everything we call real is made of things that cannot be regarded as real.”– Niels Bohr

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  • Ponder the irreducible mystery of senses delivering outsides inside now.
  • Marinate mind in quantum creativity exceeding mental causality. 
  • Ask experientially “what is aware” prior to perceivable phenomena. 

Through direct path wisdom or conceptual contortion, physics and metaphysics converge on consciousness holding the cosmos through grace or gravity in a timelessly present unfolding. Worlds behind worlds, wheels within wheels…

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